Ubuntu Maverick – Finally FL Studio Runs Without Problems

Publicado el jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

While the previous version of Wine included in Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) run FL Studio and Native Instruments Komplete 6 fine, it was not possible to get the plug-ins (Morphine, Toxic, Slicex, etc. etc.) running. They simply did not display.

This is now history, after updating to Ubuntu Maverick (10.10) the complete set of plug-ins runs fine under Wine. And so do all the Native Instruments Komplete 6 components. Add Reaper and my home DAW is complete again on my main computer, which allows for the small portable studio (installed in a Shuttle Barebones PC) to be kept back our rehearsal room.

Happy days for recording on an Ubuntu based system!

Some notes and caveats:

  1. The standard Ubuntu 10.10 installation configures your system with the jackd2 drivers. Make sure that you change this to jackd1 using the package manager, otherwise you will not be able to access wineasio from FL Studio. The same goes for Reaper, so changing this or you will get all kinds of error messages!
  2. If you do try it with jackd2 on your system, FL Studio may freeze and not start again after killing the FL Studio.exe process. If this happens, the only thing you can do is reinstall FL Studio. After re-installation it works fine again.
  3. There is no need to start jackbridge after starting Jack, as stated in some posts online. This is a relic instruction from previous versions of JackD and WineAsio. You DO however need to update your WineAsio, the one packaged with Maverick is an older version. You can download the stable version 0.8.1 from the KXStudio deb repository.
  4. After updating your wineasio you can go directly to the qjacktcl window when you click on “Show ASIO Panel” in your FL Studio Audio Settings.
  5. Make sure that you follow the settings outlined in this post to configure Jack, or you will find that Jack disconnects from wineasio after a few minutes, or after any opening of new file or addition of a new plugin to your song.
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    Click on the “Setup” button. I recommend changing this settings:
    1 – Disable ‘Realtime’ (Will not work with wineasio!)
    2 – Enable ‘Soft Mode’ (better handling of overruns)
    3 – Force 16bit (unless you need 32bit for a specific reason)
    4 – Set ‘Periods/Buffer’ to 4
    You can leave the rest as it is.